High nutrition food from Mekong Delta – Vietnam

As a specie of Notopteridae family, Chitala are food fish and occasionally aquarium pets. In Mekong Delta – Vietnam, this fish is famous for its fabulous quality of meat.

Sliced boneless Chitala ornata fillets can be regarded as a typical and unique specialty of our region. Every boneless slice fillet is filled with the freshness, natural taste of fresh fish meet without any chemical or preservative substance. Especially, since Chitala are raised right in the water zone of Mekong under special techniques of local farmers, the taste of this product thus become even more unique and nutritious. Every fish is selected under the strictest standards of  producing and farming, which promises to deliver a very Mekong taste to the consumers. Every 100g of fish fillet contains 11g of fat,15,4g protein and high level of natural omega. The level of arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic are roundly 16% while 10% remaining is phospholipid. So, there is no doubt when saying that this fish is the most suitable food for ones who have history of cardiovascular disease.

How to buy?

Very simple, just deep fry or heating in microwave, you can get a very delicious specialty, which bearing all the flavors of Mekong Delta – a well know region of Vietnam for farming products and people.Simply contact us for any information in need. We are happy to provide you all the certification, the methods of farming as well as the way to cook this fish for your best meal ever.

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