Natural Syrup from Coconut trees

Coconut nectar, or commonly known as coconut syrup, is solely a natural gift from the coconut tree. Produced only from the coconut nectar, which is inside the coconut flowers, it can be regarded as a natural sweetener with many healthy advantages to replace ones we are using to sweeten foods, beverages and in the food industry.

Nutritious and healthy benefits of Coconut Nectar

The significant differences between coconut nectar and sweeteners are determined by the method of production. Coconut Nectar does not have to be boiled to make it sweet, while sweeteners have to be boiled at high temperatures and condensed to concentrate the sweetness. To this effect, Coconut nectar can prevent the sugar in it from becoming fructose, which means it retains its naturally low glycemic levels and sweetness. Furthermore, this method can help to reserve not only the naturally sweet, caramel-like flavor of the coconut sap, but also produce a wide range of minerals, vitamins, and 17 amino acids in this type of syrup.

This product is a healthier choice for most individuals, but they are particularly beneficial for diabetics and those who wish to lose excess body weight. This is because they are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes which may also cause sugar cravings and addictive eating behaviors.

Coconut nectar provided by is processed under strict standards of environmentally sustainable organic farming methods. Thus, the consumers can have high confidence in using it without any hesitation about the origin as well as quality certification.

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