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As a product of Mekong Smile Tour, Cai Rang Floating Market Online carries our ambitious dream to get the wings for organic farming products and local handcrafts of Mekong Delta to international. By this project, we would like to spread the most beautiful images about Mekong specialties, local farmers as well as local farming destinations, to the world.

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Organic Product

Organic Rice

This rice is solely cultivated by organic methods. Rice is planted whilst farmers raise various type of shrimps and these shrimps will be harvested when the rice season ends. As a result, there is no chemical use permitted but everything to protect rice is only from natural resources. The sense and fragrance of the rice remains absolutely natural, which promises to deliver a very real taste of Mekong delta to anyone who tastes it.

Processed Product

Coconut Nectar/Syrup

Coconut nectar, or commonly known as coconut syrup, is solely a natural gift from the coconut tree. Produced only from the coconut nectar, which is inside the coconut flowers, it can be regarded as a natural sweetener with many healthy advantages to replace ones we are using to sweeten foods, beverages and in the food industry.


My A Silk

Recalling the past, many may be reminiscent about a kind of unique silk from the very south of Vietnam – My A Silk. Once, this was considered as a signature of something luxurious and attached closely to the images of powerful and wealthy families in the days of past.

Other Product

Fresh Banana Leaves

Since banana fruits are well known as one of typical fruits from tropical regions, one may consider the use of banana leaves. Interestingly, banana leaves are used widely in many countries across the globe in decoration, the food industry as well as for health care purposes. The medical values of this type of leaf is proven as a substance to prevent aging of the skin as well as other diseases relating to haemophilia.

Other Product

Sliced, boneless Chitala ornata fillet

As a species of the Notopteridae family, Chitala are food and occasionally aquarium pets. In Mekong Delta – Vietnam, this fish is famous for its fabulous quality of meat.



Mekong Delta is always great for its products and especially tropical fruits. Definitely you will be tempted by local handy crafts: highly meticulous in making, excellent materials and well designed. Highly recommended.

David Smith

My friend introduced me about this credible place when I want to search any information for my projects. They are always helpful when providing information. Products are clear about origin with high standards of controlling. Go ahead Cairangfloatingmarket.net, I believe your team can get the wings for local products to international market as you said.

Christopher Validas

Great and great and there is no other words to say about the tropical fruits here. It is so fabulous. I have never tried any sweet and lovely mangos and oranges as offered by this shop. Come and visit their showroom in Cantho, Vietnam, you will see how big their dream is. The friendliness in serving and treating customers made me feel home and wanna come again in my next trip.

Sophie Ferguson

Outstanding information and product quality. Keep going on, I believe this young team will definitely go far and fulfill their dream as they told me. Definitely recommend as a trusted showroom and as a partner for anyone who are looking for a local partner in Mekong Delta.

Marc Schachter

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