A signature of the past

Recalling the past, many may be reminiscent about a kind of unique silk from the very south of Vietnam – My A Silk. Once, this was considered as a signature of something luxurious and attached closely to the images of powerful and wealthy families in the days of past.


Mỹ A silk is made of natural silk fabric processed by a unique method in which it is woven and dyed with the mặc nưa (Diospyros mollis) fruit – a kind of forestry fruit which can be found only in the local region. After being handpicked and ground, the fruit gives out a distinctive black and beautiful colour that is later mixed with water for dyeing. As the silk is dyed by dipping around 100 times into dyeing solution to absorb completely the color, it is repeatedly dried and hung under the sun from morning to noon for about 45 days before it is rolled up and rammed to make the silk shiny and durable. Once the best silk threads are strictly selected, they are branded with the beautiful name of Lanh My A and this is the main explanation for the glossiness of this silk.

Besides the traditional black dyeing methods, makers have developed other natural dyeing techniques to generate different colors in order to meet every customer’s requirements. Thus, My A silk today appears in an array of colours such as amber and ash in an effort to keep up with the growing demand in designs.

Uncertain future

Despite its beauty and significant traditional value, the future of Mỹ A silk remains uncertain as there are now only a few people pursuing production of this unique fabric. It is not easy to find an authentic thread of this silk due to its rareness of production. In that light, Cairangfloatingmarket.net is proud to introduce this unique silk to the world by supporting the international partners to connect to the makers. We hope what we do can significantly contribute to the conservation of this product – a signature of Mekong during colonial era.

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